Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dear Callan: Month 23

Dear Callan-

This month you are 23 months old. That means next month you turn TWO! What, the what? I still remember finding out I was pregnant with you like it was yesterday... and then you turning ONE just a hot minute ago. Sigh.

This month was just as amazing as the last. Although, let's be honest, you've got your toddler moments where you L-O-V-E to stomp your feet and scream, but when those pass you're back to your usual self. You are chatting up a storm (although, seriously, where are those sentences?!?) and you comprehend an amazing amount of stuff. You know your A-B-Cs and numbers (or as much as an almost 2 year old can), colors and you've started potty training. This is obviously all Adelia's doing, but I'll take credit for the genes :)

You LOVE the ipad, watching Elmo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I know we need to get better about limiting your screen time, but I like to pretend it's "educational" and it sometimes gives mama a few minutes to get ready for work (when you've decided to start your day at 5 am!). You still love books (current favorites are Dr. Seuss' Cat and the Hat and One Fish, Two Fish, which are REALLY long to have as bedtime stories!) and your play kitchen (you especially like to "mix" and "flip"). You also learn lots of "tricks" during your day home with dad. He's teaching you "karate" and it is so flipping cute.

Your bedtime antics are still in full force, with some days being better than others, but at this point I figure you were just prepping us for the baby and you'll eventually (hopefully) go back to your good sleep ways.

Playing the '"lay-lee", one of your favorite things.

On one of your many McDonald's dates with Adelia.

Getting ready for baby -testing out the chair to make sure it's safe.

So happy eating breakfast.

And your favorite past time -BATH TIME!

What else? I'm not sure. This month has been kind of a blur. I can't believe you're almost TWO. This month is a special one as it is the last one as an only child. I know you're going to love being a big brother and you're already so excited to see/meet/hold your baby sister, but I also know that you're going to be a little mad at me since all my energy and focus won't be on you. You are such a mama's boy and I am by far and large your favorite person (although you never name me as your best friend when asked). But no matter what, no matter how you might feel, whether this week, next or in 10 years, you are always my number one little man and I will always love you to the moon and back. 

You are an amazing little man and I have loved every minute of being your mama.


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