Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June recap

Today is the last day of June -so crazy! I have completely turned into an old person and with the passing of each month comment on how fast time has gone by and how unbelievable it is that it is a new month. So let's see what happened in June.

Huge was away for half of it and it was nice to have him back home. I went to a Cubs game with some friends, did some running and started shopping more organically and locally. Other than that, nothing really exciting. I did complete my workout challenge for the month (15 workouts) by the skin of my teeth, squeezing in my last workout this morning! However, I did not lose any weight this month and that was kind of disappointing. Mother nature came back with a vengeance and I'm hoping tha accounts for a bit of the weight (I'm trying to say it's water weight.. haha). I also was successful in my shopping hiatus and did not buy any clothes or shoes this month -although now that i think about it, I may have bought 2 dresses from Banana and I'm not sure if that was this month or at the very end of last. (I just checked -it was at the very end of last month, so I'm safe!)

So that in a nutshell is June. July is shapping up to be a busy month -actually looking at the calendar, the whole summer is -but my goal for July is to continue my ban on shopping and to work out 15 times this month. Additionally, I want to continue to streamline my life and organize my house more. That will be harder to quantify, but that is part of my goal. And if I can manage to lose the last 10 lbs, then that would also contribute to a successful July. Hope everyone had a great June and that everyone is looking forward to July!

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