Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still not 21...

So after my post on Saturday about my 2 am night, you would think I would have learnt something... but clearly not. Saturday was ANOTHER 2 am night. This time out for a girlfriend's 30th birthday. So obviously this was well deserved, but I'm still not 21! Sunday was a quiet but productive day at home and then Monday night I went to the concert in the park... which was amazing! BUT, I somehow managed to drink a bottle + of wine... so not only am I tired from my wild weekend, but my liver is also claiming uncle. So I need a good detox. Of course my upcoming weekend plans aren't very condusive to this decision! I have a work outing on Friday night, a block party on Saturday and a Cubs game on Sunday! EEK.

But in other news, my husband's coming home on Monday! Yea! To be honest, we were long distance for almost our entire relationship, so this time apart used to be our norm... but obviously I have become accustomed to being together and have missed him. Well, not all the time, but most of the time. So just a few more days and my personal chef (ahem, husband) will be back! yea!

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