Friday, June 18, 2010

Sidelined by the sniffles

Well after that amazing training schedule I came up with on Monday, I got totally sidelined with this weird cold/allergy thing. I never made it to yoga on Tuesday and haven't gone on a run since. I have instead slept a lot (probably about 8 hours a night each day) and just kind of been lazy. I am feeling better though, so I'll return to the gym tomorrow for my weight class and then do a long run on Sunday.

In other news... I don't have any. I have been eating a lot of junk food and really need to kick the habit. I also have total baby brain (as in babies on the brain) and have been spending numerous hours "researching". Fittingly there was an article in the Chicago Tribune about the cost of raising kids. Eek, if I was nervous about my budget before, now I am doubly so! Also I am trying to cut back on my drinking. After my last two weekend benders (read about here, here, and here), my body could use a break. I have no problem saying no, but once I start it's hard to stop (does that mean I have a problem?!?). So I figured out a solution! To two problems actually -I'm going to officially train for the Chicago half marathon in September! It will help with my running and give me a good reason to not drink (so much, or overindulge -I think that sounds better). I may not actually run it, but I will at least train for it!

So I can test my new resolve starting this weekend. Tonight I'm going up to Evanston for a graduation party -two of Huge's work colleagues are receiving their PhD's and the boss is throwing a party. BUT, there is severe weather predicted for this afternoon/tonight with winds up to 70 mph! Eek. Hope everyone has a good weekend -I'll try to remember to check in and update you on my workouts!

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