Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 39-40: Still here

Well, it's week 39-40 and I'm still here or more accurately, baby G is still on the inside. I was pretty convinced that he'd be here by now, but sadly he's not.

Weight: According to the doctor's I've gained another pound.

Maternity clothes: Same as usual. The stomach is getting bigger, but I'm thinking the rest of me has stopped growing (thankfully).

Stretch marks/belly button: Still no stretch marks and the belly button is still in.

Baby movement: Same as before. I had a non-stress test today at the doctor's and the baby seems to be doing well.

What I miss: Not being so paranoid. Every ache/pain/cramp makes me convinced that I'm about to go into labor -which, clearly has not panned out yet.

Other: Nothing new to report.

Dr's update: I'm dilated a bit more, almost 3, and things seem to be progressing, but just not as fast as I want. At this point we're going to wait to see if I make it to my next appointment next Tuesday before we make any definite plans for our next step -so if you're paying attention baby G, you should try to make your appearance soon.

Here's this week's picture...

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