Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 38-39: Days are numbered

The countdown has begun. At this point I really could go any day now... Huge is hoping I go sooner rather than later and to be honest so do I. My mother would like him to wait until she gets here, but I'm ready to be done working and I'm ready to meet the little guy.

Weekly update:

Weight: According to the doctor's scale I stayed the same/lost a little. I'm hoping that means this is it until the end, but who knows.

Maternity clothes: Same as usual

Stretch marks/belly button: Still no stretch marks and the belly button still fluctuates.

Baby movement: Same as before. Same hiccups/rolls/jabs/pokes. He does seem to have a lot of quiet moments, so I hope that means he's a good sleeper!

What do I miss: My wardrobe, being able to roll over easily and sleeping through the night. I haven't been cursed with having to get up to pee 100 times a night, but I started getting really severe leg cramps that will wake me up from a deep sleep. I'm also getting weird aches and pains, which are totally normal being this far along (and this heavy), but it has made sleeping a little bit uncomfortable recently.

Other: Nothing really new to report. Just waiting for the little guy to arrive. I'm still working and my energy and enthusiasm for it has definitely diminished. I'm hoping to finish up everything on my desk and organize my projects enough so that I can go on maternity leave and not look back.

Dr's update: I'm still about 2 cm dilated, but I've thinned a bit more and am about 70% effaced. She still doesn't think I'll make it full term, but at this point with only 10 days left until my due date I wouldn't be too surprised if I did. I still don't have any real regular contractions and any cramps/contractions/pressure I do feel usually waxes and wanes throughout the day. Maybe it'll pick up soon and hopefully it means that labor will be easy.

Here's today's picture. I'm looking pretty huge. His head is down, but I don't think it's engaged yet b/c he still seems to kind of move up and down a bit (or at least his body does -maybe he's just stretching?). I'm definitely anxious to meet the little guy and maybe we will before my next update!

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