Friday, August 26, 2011

Important question

We interrupt the steady steam of mushiness and cuteness that has taken over the blog to ask a serious question. Say it's about noon when you realize your underwear is on inside out. What do you do?
A) Continue to do so even though it's weird and hope today is not the day you get rushed to the hospital (because you know that they would just assume you're wearing them inside out because they're dirty)?
B) Put them on correctly even though you've spent half a day wearing them like that? Or
C) obsess about it and ask the Internet? And wonder if you're making the right choice?
I mean not that this happened (or happens) to me. I was just wondering... for a friend... Yup, a friend.


  1. A, with a laugh. Promise myself once again that I won't buy underwear where I can't easily see the label. Which probably won't happen, so at some point in the future I'll find myself in the same situation. Tell your Friend she's not alone ;)

  2. Depends how inside outy they look... If very, probably just remove them entirely.