Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Month 4

Dear Bubs-
It's funny that your dad and I consciously decided to not call you monkey since so many people call their kids that and settled on variations of bubs, bubba and bubba gump only to find out that your friends Luke and Michael are also called that! It's too late to change especially since the name really seems to fit you. We also like to call you Mister Callan, although I'm not sure why we need to be so formal with you!

Anyway, guess what happened yesterday? You turned 4 months old! Where has the last month gone?
I really need to keep track of the events of the month better, otherwise these newsletters are going to be kind of boring. Let's see what's happened...

This month your laugh has really developed. It's one of my favorite sounds and your dad knows just how to make you laugh. You love bouncing and recently we've discovered that you love clapping (or at least find it hysterical). The blue bouncy chair is one of your favorite places to laugh and I'm going to be really sad when you're too big for it. The weight limit is 25 pounds, so I'm hoping we still have a good amount of time left. Hearing you laugh makes me laugh and I love how much of a goof your daddy is with you.

You have also discovered your feet this month and you love to grab them. You haven't put them in your mouth, but you do love rolling around holding your feet. I guess that's why in yoga it's called "happy baby"! You still haven't rolled over, but I've decided that you just don't want to. You get 95% of the way there and then decide to go back the way you came. You also do this cute thing where you lift your legs up in the air and then fling them to the side so you can move. You've gotten quite proficient at this and we sometimes find you in a different spot than where we left you, especially in your crib at night. You are still loving your activity mat although your newest "trick" is trying to climb the arches. You like to grab ahold of them and bend them towards you (and your mouth!) or try to wrap your legs around them. It is the funnies thing to watch especially since I'm not sure what it is you're trying to do!

You still love putting things in your mouth. Pretty much anything you play with ends up in your mouth. You've discovered Sophie this month and enjoy chomping on her ears (thank you Uncle Junior and Auntie Van). It still looks like a dog toy to me, but you love her. Your other favorite toys are the letter links and the toy we've dubbed the Perman toy (they are the ones who got it for you). It's fun to watch you gum at the toys and try to shove as much of it as possible in your mouth. Your dad and I are convinced that you're teething so it'll be interesting to see when your first tooth pops out.

We are so lucky to have you staying at home with Adelia while mama and daddy at are at work. It's only been a month with her, but it seems like she's been a part of your life forever. You always seem so happy to see her in the morning and are always in a good mood when we get home. We know that you're in good hands and are having a great day. One of the best things is that she sends us pictures and little updates during the day. It makes me miss you a little less and makes a tough day at work more bearable. Today she sent me a picture of you lounging (or trying to escape) from your chair. It makes me laugh and smile at work to get little snippets of your day sent to me and this picture especially makes me laugh because of your expression. You make some great expressions and I hope to capture them all.
You also get to hang out with Luke 4 days a week and although we joke that you're picking up some of his bad habits, I can't imagine sharing Adelia with anyone else. I can't wait until you two are old enough to start interacting -Adelia is going to have her hands full with you two! Considering how active you are when you're on the floor under your activity mat, or in your chair, you're probably going to be one of those kids always on the go.

Finally, Adelia has cracked the code and this month you have become so much better at taking a bottle. You still aren't super consistent, but I know that you're eating enough during the day. The funny thing is that you like to help hold the bottle and sometimes you're successful.

It makes me a little sad because I know that one day you're not going to be my little baby who needs me to feed him and that with every day that passes, you are closer to turning into an independent little boy. I already have seen you change so much and I although I enjoy every new development, I want to keep you my little baby so if I try to sneak in an extra snuggle or two, I hope you'll let me. We haven't tried to do a full day of exclusively the bottle, but we're hoping to one day soon. Although I don't want to leave you, it'll be nice to know that someone else can put you to bed.

Speaking of bed, your sleep habits have become a little erratic and you're not sleeping straight through the night every night. Although I complain, I know that you are still much better than the average 4 month old and getting up once a night with you is nothing in comparison to what it could be like. It's just that you spoiled us with your sleeping and I'd like to get that schedule back soon (if possible).

This month's newsletter is pretty boring, but I hope you realize that I haven't been keeping good records because I'm having too much fun with you, trying to soak in every moment I have. There are only a limited number of hours I get to see you awake during the week and I need to try to cram as much time in with you as possible. Sometimes when I see you sleeping or playing with your dad I wonder what we did to deserve such a cute, sweet baby as you. I laugh at your nana when she tells me that she looks at your picture or watches videos of you and cries, but to be honest, I understand how she feels because I see your sweet face and just want to eat you up. Even with your outbreak of eczema (or whatever that rash was on your face), you were still the cutest baby ever. I know every parent says that about their child, but I really think you are the cutest!

Happy 4 month birthday bubs. I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us.


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  1. Happy 4 months Callan! "Master Luke" loves hanging out with you and I know you two are already friends...with plans to keep us on our toes for sure! :-)