Thursday, February 24, 2011

How big will he be?

As I mentioned last week, one of my favorite activities recently has been staring at my stomach trying to decipher different movements and identifying possible body parts that jut out at any given time. During this time "bonding" with the baby I wonder how he's doing in there and what he's up to. Does he really hear our voices and does he know who we are?

I'm really looking forward to meeting baby G in a few months/weeks, and although I'm happy to let him stay in there and develop as long as he needs to, I'm anxious to see what he looks like -Will he look like me or Huge? Will it be apparent right away or will he look like the milkman? Will he really have a giant noggin like the ultrasound showed a few weeks ago? All of these questions, but the most important question is how big will he be?!? Clearly neither Huge and I are "petite" people, but Huge was a small to average sized baby and I can only assume I was too... so what will baby G be like?

At the baby shower my mom had for me in Boston back in January we posed this question to the guests and asked them to guess when baby G would be born and how big he would be. There was quite a range and the guesses for due date were between 4/2 and 5/6 (which, hopefully he'll come right in the middle of that -4/2 seems too early, but 5/6 seems much too late!) and for his size... I got 6lbs 7 oz all the way up to 10 lbs 2 oz. Let's hope for everyone's sake he's closer to the small side because, 10 lbs? ouch! As for length it ranged from 19.5" to 26" -that was my sister-in-law who claimed she had no idea how long babies were. But considering she's only 5" tall (and I'm being generous here) it would be pretty funny for my baby to be almost half her height at birth!

So what do you think? How big is baby G going to be and will he be early or is he going to make me wait to meet him?

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