Friday, February 18, 2011

Bloggity blog

I always have these great tidbits that pop in my head in the middle of the night or when I'm on my way to work, but then I never remember to write them down and never remember to write about them -no wonder my blog is so boring right now!

Anyway, it's FRIDAY! Yea! I'm very excited for the upcoming long weekend -I feel like I really deserve it, it's been a rough week.

Let's see if I can remember anything... hm...
  • I've been offered a seat on the bus now a few times. It restores my faith in humanity -although, to be honest, I hadn't really lost it yet. It's kind of nice, but I haven't taken it yet (mostly because I don't ride the bus for very long).
  • What else... oh, I have a blind date tomorrow! Huge and I are looking to do a nanny share for the bambino when I go back to work in July, so I have a blind date with another expectant mom in the neighborhood. I'm a little nervous about it as I am not super friendly and small-talky on my own and I have (obviously) never met her, so I have no idea if we have anything in common other than we live in the same neighborhood and have babies due around the same time. I (of course) googled her, but wasn't really able to get a whole lot of info so I guess I'll just have to go and be surprised. I just hope I don't get stood up! That would be sad. haha.
  • I find coming up with a blog title really hard.
  • I plan on working on the kiddo's room this weekend so MAYBE I'll actually have pictures/updates soon.

Well this is lame. I'm even bored and I'm the one writing it! Hope you all have a great long weekend!!

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