Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 35-36: In the home stretch

So much has happened this past week!

  • Huge and I finished our baby classes -we took our infant/child CPR and first aid class on Thursday night and Sunday was our breastfeeding class. The classes were definitely informative and I'm glad we took them. It's made me feel just a little bit more prepared.

  • My girlfriends threw me a shower luncheon yesterday. It was such a fantastic day and just reinforces the fact that I have such amazing friends and baby G is so lucky to have all these people that already love and care for him. We got some adorable clothes, our high chair, our bath stuff, bottles and lots of other goodies. When I get pictures, I'll have to remember to post them. The food was amazing too! Yum, if only I could eat a brunch like that every week.

For the weekly update:

Weight: Still going up, but it seems to be slowing down/leveling off (hopefully).

Maternity clothes: Same as before.

Stretch marks/belly button: Still no stretch marks and the belly button hasn't officially popped full time. Sometimes it pops out halfway or will be really flat, but it goes back in after awhile when baby G moves or when I've digested the last meal.

Baby movement: We're getting a lot more limbs poking out. Huge was convinced he felt a foot including the toes the other night, but I didn't feel it. Baby G has been "playing" with Huge where he'll stick out something, Huge will push it a bit and then baby G will either push back or move and stick it out again. I'm sure we're annoying the crap out of baby G, but the poking and prodding is kind of fun!

What do I miss: Nothing new.

Other: Hm... nothing really exciting or new. Huge is going away for a couple of days in a couple of weeks (beginning of April), so I'm hoping baby stays put until after that date, but otherwise I'm feeling surprisingly calm about everything. I'm starting to get my "to to" list together, but I'm still not feeling a whole lot of urgency -do you think I'm still in denial? One thing I do need to do asap? Our taxes!

Here's the pic for the week -definitely growing!

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