Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great Expectations

Today Huge, baby G and I attended our first baby class at Northwestern. It was an all day affair that covered a wide array of topics including the different stages of labor, pain coping techniques and what to do on the big day. Our teacher was a labor and delivery nurse and she was really great -I'm kind of hoping she's on duty when the time comes!

Although we didn't go into it in too much details we did talk about different ways to cope with pain during labor including drugs that would be available. I'm not completely sold on going all natural, but I do think I want to try to go as long as possible before getting the epidural. If it happens that I think I can do it without than I will, but otherwise I'm ok with getting the drugs. I'm actually a little afraid that I either won't be able to get one because of my wonky lower back or that it won't work. Because of that, I think I need to step up my knowledge of alternative pain coping techniques. I hope Huge is prepared! :)

We also got a tour of labor and delivery, and the different rooms -triage, the labor room and then the post-partum room. I definitely feel a little bit more prepared for baby G and it makes it feel like the day is getting closer...

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